Symphonic Pixels turns 5!

5 years, can you believe that? I started 5 years ago after my 1.5 month trip to New York from my bedroom in my Hawthorn apartment. I still had a full time job, but soon after I used all my annual leave I started working for my own and my first client was a big one that gave me a great start, and I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve studied a bit of business and marketing, contracted some awesome talents who could build, design, photograph and together we have worked with some of our dream clients. 

We’ve worked on some major corporate and retail jobs.

We worked on some music videos for some awesome bands, 

We work with a women’s shoe brand (squeals)
We’ve worked with a chocolate brand !!!
Made projects that are really really meaningful,
Been on a front page of newspaper,
Done some really horrible speeches in front of a big crowd.
Took a selfie with Michael Kirby.

..and now we’re designing our first publication with former Vogue editor.

We haven’t entered competitions or awards, but each and every job we complete to the clients satisfaction is our own unique trophy. We cannot be happier with our achievements.

Our passion is to continue to work with startups and small businesses to help them create a brand that one day will becom their history, story and valuable asset. We will always learn and be inspired by them.

It has been an amazing journey and experience so far and I’m about to take another big step forward this year. I’m opening a new business this summer which I’m sure you’ll all know about. Stay tuned!

Thank you for all your support and to all our clients, you have all our hearts! xx