Studio Visit – Envato Melbourne

I was given a private tour to Envato’s brand new studio in Melbourne. I’ve heard about Envato since I’ve known Themeforest few years ago, one of the world’s largest marketplace for website themes. The 3 storey 1890’s building once used to be a storage facility, then used to be the Melbourne City School has now turned into a home of Envato since July 2013. It is beautifully fitted with timber slats, Ghostpatrol’s murals and designer pendant lights.
It would be my dream to work in a place like this that has plenty of natural light, outdoor area, showers, playroom, yoga class and lots and lots of bean bags. The visit gave us an insight of where all the magic happens and got to know some other products like Tuts+ and Microlancermuch more in depth.
Top Secrets: They will be opening some co-working space and mentorship programs. Better keep an eye out.
Thanks to Kate McInnes for showing us around and taking us lunch to Purple Peanuts.