Creating Simpsons Pixels : Ivan Dixon & Paul Robertson

Pretty much everyone in the world has now seen Simpsons Pixels on Youtube, which went viral on the interweb last week. The video is a loving tribute created by two pixel animators and close friends of mine, Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon. Close friends as in we get drunk together, swim in the lake and play strategy board games on Mondays… kind of friends.

Paul and Ivan’s works are well known within the industry but not many people have had the chance to meet them or find out what they’re like, so i suggested ‘why don’t you talk about the behind the scenes story on the Simpsons Pixels work for your fans’. So here is Ivan and Paul talking about how they came up with the ideas, their process and how much they loved it.

Ivan Dixon and Paul Robertson talk about Simpsons Pixels from Symphonic Pixels on Vimeo.

The Simpsons Pixels is officially opening Matt Groening’s Simpson’s episode this Sunday at 8PM in the US and… of course, all across the globe.

Check out Paul’s work here.
Ivan’s Tumblr and his studio Rubber House.