Loveholic Launch

On the 14th of Februrary Valentine’s day, we’ve launched a flower & event styling business called Loveholic. The client approached us with a specific brief and budget. We put together an identity, website and a Big Cartel online store for the launch day. 
Our launch strategy was aimed to increase public presence and brand awareness though SNS promotion and offline street performances to have maximum impact on low budget campaign. We conducted online promotion through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and organised surprise bike deliveries to our individual orders on the day. Thanks to Tristan who dressed up with a pink shirt, bow tie and a sleek Mad Man hairstyle on a 34 degree day.
It was a success! As for the launch of the business Loveholic took more orders than we initially thought. Had great comments, feedback and definitely lots of squeals. The business has finally stood in a spotlight for the first time. They’ve been getting calls for weddings and retail styling inquiries ever since. 
Most importantly, we had so much fun working with Loveholic. We absolutely adore these flower arrangements, Naomi’s amazing sense of style and we wish all the best for her new business. Thanks to all those boyfriends, husbands and sons who bought flowers and supported us.
Please enjoy this promo video and photos of Loveholic.

Rebel Rebel

“You’ve got your mother in a whirl / She’s not sure if you’re a boy or girl.”
David Bowie, Rebel Rebel
In a nation of low-key sports retailers, Rebel Sport is the brand name that sticks in the mind of many Australians looking for cricket bats and tennis balls; a phenomenon  leveraged this week by the people in charge. “We don’t need the ‘Sport’ anymore,” exclaimed management after nearly three decades, and so it is gone; the company name reduced to half the title from my favourite David Bowie song.
Rebel Sport has officially undergone an extensive re-branding of their logo, slogan, website, retail fit outs and uniforms after 27 years of sticking to their dated sans serifs badge which sat well next to JB Hi-Fi stores back in the late 80s.
With a simple and sleek logo courtesy of Sydney design gurus Hulsbosch, Rebel have launched their new branding with a bigger emphasis on the ladies, whilst emphatically ditching their old ‘blokey’ image, even removing one of the blokiest words in the Australian lexicon: ‘sport’. While eyeing off the success of yoga mum-attracting retailers like Lorna Jane and Lululemon, Rebel has decided that it wants to be more feminine in the long run.
A range of crisp new marketing shots seizes upon the ‘be’ in Rebel (see above): Men are told to be hard, clever, competitive and sharp, whereas women can be confident, proud, and the best they can. I guess after spending a fortune on market research, we know definitively what the Australian man and woman aspire to be right before they enter a sport store.
Sarcasm aside, we’re big fans of the rebranding Hulsbosch have done, and the combative ‘e’ vs ‘e’ of the logo. It is dynamite brand rejuvenation, and we look forward to checking out the new stores. 

The Hidden Souk business cards- KW.Doggett


The Hidden Souk produces a range of speciality bespoke spices. They wanted an aesthetic that reflected the organic and natural origins of the ingredients they use. The brief was to produce their logo, identity and packaging, with the addition of a visual representation of scent. Hmmm, please explain! We must say, the response from Symphonic Pixels is g-o-l-d.
To further enhance the incredibly fragrant and quite delicate spice blends made with such love and care, the identity and branding solution involved playing up the handmade angle. This included hand generated type and illustrations and best of all – infusing the Buffalo Board business cards with their own scent in a very inventive way – Symphonic Pixels placed the cards in a large jar of cinnamon sticks! Given our sense of smell is the strongest and most vivid trigger for long term memory, these cards should prove to be quite the memorable piece of collateral.
Courtney Kim, Creative Director at Symphonic Pixels spoke to us about the research into recycled looking stocks and the fun they had experimenting with different ones. A process, she says, which reminded them how much impact stock can make. “Buffalo Board was a standout solution. Although it is a natural looking stock, it still looks clean and refined, and was still light in colour enough to contrast with the black print. Not only this, but it was important to our client that it was actually made from responsibly managed sources and recycled content.”
The team chose to print the job one colour, even though the logo and supporting imagery is quite intricate. They had wondered whether the detail would be lost but the end result made them very happy indeed. The clarity and detail came up beautifully on the stock according to Courtney. Not a bad outcome at all for the studio’s first attempt at making a visual representation of scent.
We now wonder if it’s time for us to introduce a scent to our cards. Come to think of it, maybe not. We can’t think of any dog related scents that would be appealing!
Title: The Hidden Souk business cards
Agency: Symphonic Pixels
Client: The Hidden Souk
Stocks: Buffalo Board
Printed by: Print City (VIC)
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