How We Position Ourselves as a Branding Agency in Melbourne

Melbourne is a crowded market for design, branding agency and it’s certainly very different from Sydney. Melbourne, more than any other city in Australia, takes branding design very seriously. The businesses that take the time to get it right have an immediate impact in the marketplace, especially in the retail and hospitality industries. Much of this is due to the competitive nature of the city. Your brand must stand out and be clear in order to grow and be ahead of your competition.

“We love connecting people through brands.”

As a branding agency, Symphonic Pixels loves to connect and work with inspiring business owners and CEOs. Through this connection, we get to not only create incredible brand strategy for businesses we believe in but we also get to watch them grow. The result of this work is connecting people through brands, which is very much part of our mission statement.

“A brand has your stories, beliefs, and goals.”

All business have their own stories to tell, values they believe in, and goals to achieve. A strong brand is one that communicates with its audience. Apple wants us to know they think differently and are the head of innovation. Nike wants you to live strong and although their logo does not communicate that message, their visuals, products, and customer service speaks to their brand.

When a group of health conscience gym enthusiasts approached us to design a new health conscious cafe in Perth, they had a strong, clear vision of a hip cafe with specialty coffee. We came up with the name Duotone as in Duo (two) Tone (strength and firmness) and told their stories through their product, space design, and packaging. We then explored two-tone colours (hence it’s Duotone) throughout their products and packaging. As a result, their brand had immediate recognition and identity. The cafe wasn’t just your regular cafe but rather one that conveyed a clear message through its branding and design. This made Duotone stand out in an already over-crowded marketplace.

From years of experience launching and working with over 20 brands, we have an incredible understanding of what it takes to develop your brand from the ground up and how to ensure it continues to grow. Our methods for launch, growth, and digital strategy are done at the highest level to ensure that we can help increase our clients’ revenues while building more fans.

“We make beautiful identities for high-end clients.”

We work for small businesses to medium size businesses and companies that value our high quality branding in a crowded and competitive marketplace. Our studio creates holistic branding and give clear identities for clients with strategic designs. It’s what we love to do, what we’re good at, and how we position ourselves as a branding agency in Melbourne.

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