How design affects your high-end online store conversion rate.

Good Ecommerce design affects your conversion rate and encourage more browser activity, often leading to increased sales. Displaying logos, incorporating brand colour, font and iconic images of your product, can hugely impact the customer’s decision making process when buying. Well-designed sites emotionally engage with, and form trust between the consumer and brand through imaging. When customers trust your brand and share positive experiences, it promotes further activity and purchases. Here are some tips that all E-Commerce sites should follow, especially if you’re in the luxury category.

Brand your site.

Your brand identity is a vital part of any business, especially in high end online stores. No matter how good your products are, if your brand doesn’t communicate the same quality as your products, customers will feel misled and experience false impressions. If you have attractive branding then you immediately begin drawing in more customers. The most important area is ‘consistency’. It is worth noting that a brand agency (like us) is able to create overall holistic branding that defines your look, feel and voice. This is done not only through logo design but also colouring, types, stationary, packaging etc. Your brand mark should be displayed consistently and correctly from website headers to social media profile pictures and your aim is to get people to become more and more familiar with the brand’s identity. Try to do this without the addition of your brand name yet maintain the voice and legacy of the brand through imaging/ brand mark. Your brand identity and exposure will build up over time, it won’t happen overnight!


Use emotional images on your home page

A home page is a virtual introduction to a store – like walking inside for the first time. You want to make a good impression and be clear on what you’re selling, streamline the shopping experience, communicate special offers and keep the site easy to navigate (particularly towards the checkout). Customers make a decision whether they want to shop or not within 5 seconds of viewing your home page (if you didn’t know already). How do you want them to feel about your shop? What sort of messages do you want to send across? Beautifully shot professional photos are important to use as a tool to visually engage with and connect with consumers. We have worked with various fashion labels season to season, to create their collections and products in the most effective way possible. A great example is the design of an iconic header, logo, striking photos and clear contact information. If you have a carousel, use this real estate wisely. This is not a pretty image gallery. Have compelling messages with each including a clear ‘call to action’ towards your special offers, new collections, or featured products.


We love how Tiffany always show captivating images that anyone can relate to and find beautiful.

Invest in the product page.

A product page is the most important part of a website, responsible for highlighting and showcasing what is available. We design our client’s sites to sell products by utilising attractive product titles, descriptions and beautifully photographed images.

– The product title should be concise, descriptive and contain up to 70 characters. An example of a product title for a jewellery designer, could simply be ‘gold ring’, but be more engaging and thorough, write ‘Vintage 18K Gold Filled Knuckle Dainty Rings Set of 3′. This caption gives your product instant advantages in web searches – the description will be highly targeted and increase conversion rates.

– You want people to see large, attractive product images first. If you’re taking product photographs, make sure you use consistent backgrounds and lighting for a sharp clean, clear professional look. If you’re selling high-end products invest in professional or high-standard photographs, styling and art direction for your products and campaign images.

– Product description is the money maker. Be descriptive with materials and process size. The more you write the more you will benefit your SEO. Mention where the product come from, what is it made of, how it feels, how it ages, why it is durable etc. Don’t duplicate your description on all of your products. Include your own spin, be keyword savvy, interesting and descriptive. If the photos are attractive, readers will be drawn in.



Don’t neglect technology.

There are other technical changes you can make to increase that extra conversion rate. If your store isn’t mobile responsive, you are out of the game. It is so critical, especially because of the changes Google made back in April 2015. More than 40% of people shop online from their mobiles and tablets in Australia. Trust seals and credit card details on the footer also increase conversion by 30%. Your contact number and social media should display at all times either on your header or footer. It is important to consider every user and captivate their shopping experience from all different perspectives.

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