SXSW Chronicles Part Two: How the Europeans Do It

For an event that’s based in Texas, in a country perceived as the home of most internet innovation, there are a surprising number of kick arse Europeans presenting on digital matters that you may not have heard of. 
Most tech-idols publicised in Australia are yanks (Godin, Zuckerberg, Marshall, Cook) so we thought that we’d give some love to some Euro-genii that @SymphonicPixels will personally be hearing from in March at SXSW (wahoo!).
MAANI SAFA is speaking at Emerging Media & Devices on March 8. Maani is aboard a skyrocket on his path to mobile media royalty, and for good reason too. After launching wonderful mobile apps for The Telegraph in the UK, Maani went to work at Somo (one of the worlds largest mobile advertising agencies) where he is now Global Innovation Directior, responsible for ludicrously successful apps for DominosAudi and Condé Nast. Maani will be talking about how to reach your target audience with digital marketing strategies through Tablets and Mobiles. 
RICHARD RUTTER is a self-described ‘web typography evangelist’ and is as excited as us about the capabilities of CSS 3 in all major web browsers. At Symphonic, we are extremely passionate about getting the right font for a client’s branding strategy, so we can’t wait to hear from Richard at his presentation Awe-Inspiring Web Typography You Can Do Now (also on March 8 – we’re going to be busy that day!). Richard is one of the creators of FontDeck (!!!) so we worship the ground he walks on, and if there’s such thing as a god of Online Typography, this man is one.  As well as being a font-nut, Richard is Founder and Production Designer of leading UK-based user experience consultancy Clearleft, with a ridiculous list of clients in his portfolio. Wired UK named him one of their Top 100 digital power brokers. Can’t wait to hear from him.