Vaudeville Smash Photoshoot

We’ve recently produced and directed a photoshoot for Vaudeville Smash.
These images were shot for the release of the boys’ new single ‘Look At Me,’ as well as to show off their good looks to the world when the band is showcased at South By South West this upcoming March 2013.
We wanted to produce simple, sleek and mature images that encapsulate the spectacularly entertaining nature of the band, whilst giving off a more ‘grown-up-and-kicking-ass’ vibe.
Art Director: Courtney Kim, Symphonic Pixels
Photographer : Rachel Schenberg
Wardrobe: Brodie Kokkinos – Where Are My Stars
Hair and makeup : Emilia Jones

SXSW Chronicles Part One: Google’s Digital Marketing Experiments

Something we love to do at SymphonicPixels is to instil stories in the branding we design. We’ve worked with an eclectic mix of industries, yet one rule remains constant:
The key to great branding is to resonate and create a story within your customer.
This is something we use as a lynchpin of our branding strategy. You need personality, smart brand positioning and an exciting launch, but all of this is importantly underpinned by the story of the brand.
We have a lot of experience, but we’re always excited to learn more. “The day you stop learning is yadda yadda”. So we’re stoked to be attending the SXSW Interactive Event: How Can Brands We Love, Tell Stories We Share? presented by Aman Govil, Product Marketing Manager @Google.
The Marketing Team @Google are without doubt one of the brightest going around. What can we learn from them? Well, lots. But more specifically, digital marketing strategies that capture collective imaginations with provoking stories. One of the toughest challenges of branding in the 21st century is being able to weave a story to a brand in the online space, and make people really feel something towards a brand.
This is a problem Google directly tackled in 2012, with Project Re:Brief – which sought to re-imagine four iconic advertisements for the online world.
If you haven’t seen this, it’s very interesting and well worth watching (directed by an Emmy-award winning filmmaker too). We can’t wait to hear how Google are tackling this digital marketing issue in 2013 at SouthBySouthWest in March from one of Google’s more experimental marketing minds.

Loveholic Launch

On the 14th of Februrary Valentine’s day, we’ve launched a flower & event styling business called Loveholic. The client approached us with a specific brief and budget. We put together an identity, website and a Big Cartel online store for the launch day. 
Our launch strategy was aimed to increase public presence and brand awareness though SNS promotion and offline street performances to have maximum impact on low budget campaign. We conducted online promotion through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and organised surprise bike deliveries to our individual orders on the day. Thanks to Tristan who dressed up with a pink shirt, bow tie and a sleek Mad Man hairstyle on a 34 degree day.
It was a success! As for the launch of the business Loveholic took more orders than we initially thought. Had great comments, feedback and definitely lots of squeals. The business has finally stood in a spotlight for the first time. They’ve been getting calls for weddings and retail styling inquiries ever since. 
Most importantly, we had so much fun working with Loveholic. We absolutely adore these flower arrangements, Naomi’s amazing sense of style and we wish all the best for her new business. Thanks to all those boyfriends, husbands and sons who bought flowers and supported us.
Please enjoy this promo video and photos of Loveholic.